Team + Mentors

Team + Mentors

Amit “Zorba”

Founder at Kokoro Coffee

This happy-go-lucky man is the one who runs the show at Kokoro Coffee. His story is a quite cheerful one. He vividly remembers the day when coffee first planted its seed in his thoughts.

On a cool rainy morning, at a local coffee house, and there he was, sipping his first-ever specialty coffee brew. The aroma hit first, followed by the awakening of taste buds from the fruity-sweet coffee he just tasted. At that very moment, Zorba’s coffee story began. He began learning about coffee & all the different techniques of brewing. The more he knew the more he was impressed by the world of coffee. Some might say – the coffee has his heart.

And it’s interesting how he describes love:

“Everything starts with love. The moment your soul finds solace in something or someone, you know you’ve found love.”

This is what good coffee did to him, and today he passionately shares his happiness with others in the form of finest quality curated specialty coffee beans.

Caffeine Crew

Kruti Patel

Chief Financial Officer at Kokoro Coffee

As the biggest asset herself, she plans, manages, strategizes & runs all the finance activities at Kokoro Coffee. Apart from playing with numbers at Kokoro Coffee, her heart stays with her son while she gracefully balances the work-life seesaw. Being the significant other to the Founder – Zorba, her love for coffee happily co-exists with her lover for numbers.

Shweta Arya

Executive Catalyst at Kokoro Coffee

An energetic & ambitious person she rightfully calls herself – Caffeinated Virgo. Her interests revolve around reading, traveling, food, and psychology, especially doing it all with a warm cup of coffee. This opened up her new interest of learning about coffee and the coffee industry in detail, which eventually led her to host events and workshops on ‘introduction to coffee’ and ‘manual brewing’ and the attendees having a better understanding of the subject by the end of the session is what gives her immense satisfaction.

Nupur Agarwal

Brand Visualiser at Kokoro Coffee

Nupur Agarwal is the creative director of Pocket Pixels specializing in Brand Strategy, Design, and Experience. She is the brain behind the Kokoro's brand identity, being a brand strategist & designer, Nupur unveils a genuine passion for storytelling and design culture. From conceptualizing the brand name, logo design, identity illustrations, marketing campaigns, product packaging to our aesthetically pleasing website, she is the creative brain behind all of them.


Shravan D.S.

Founder & Managing Partner of Beanrove LLP.

An Honour’s Coffee Masters Student from Italy, SCA, and Canadian Barista Academy certified Barista, SCA trained roaster, Scentone Certified Cupper, Winner of the WORLDWIDE ILLY CAFE –“BEST COFFEE STUDENT” award, Italy and a proud family member of India’s leading specialty single estate brand – “Kalledevarapura Estate”. Currently, he is the founder and Managing Partner of Beanrove LLP, a micro coffee roastery and coffee training center based in Bangalore, India. His bright energy coupled with entrepreneurial flairs adds great value to the coffee community, as he continues his 14-year global coffee journey across the coffee value chain.

Suhas Dwarakanath

Owner & Director at Benki Brewing Tools and Lead Trainer at SCAI

A passionate barista & coffee roaster doubled up as a brilliant mentor who is India's first Authorised Trainer from Specialty Coffee Association and a Post-harvest processing professional who has graduated from Sustainability Coffee Institute. Currently, he runs a CONCEPT STORE called Benki Coffee - a micro-roaster & café; and Benki Brewing tools – a net-porter of specialty coffee equipment. With 10+ years of experience in the coffee industry, he is one of those few who are passionate about imparting world-class knowledge about coffee & creating more coffee aficionados on his journey.

The Flagship

The Building Company

Hiking through young years, the team has seen valleys and mountains, peaks, and many seasons. “We are glad to have experienced the hardships with moments of laughter in all the variety of situations and projects to come to this point, where we feel the essence of Zen about everything that we endeavor.” They believe in working for the sheer joy of the journey and not just the destination.