Harvest 2020-21 | Freshly Roasted on 2nd August 2021 | Available on 6th & 7th August 2021


Kokoro coffee gets exclusive access to the network of Beanrove’s coffee infrastructure and knowledge resource base. The collaboration provides Kokoro Coffee with access to:

  1. Coffee Farms: The coffees are curated right from the harvest time under the supervision and guidance of the Beanrove team. This allows the creation of unique experimental nano and micro-lot coffees.
  2. Dry Milling: Beanrove’s own coffee dry milling factory allows the coffees to be purchased in raw form. This improves the physical quality parameters, shelf life, and traceability for the coffees.
  3. Roastery: Beanrove’s roasting facility uses the state of the art profiling roaster. Accompanied by trained, experienced master roaster the coffees get roasted based on brewing methods and client preferences.
  4. Quality Control: With experienced and certified barista and an in-house quality control lab, all the coffees are rigorously tested on manual brewing and espresso machines. The lab is made available to try out new recipes and methods to KOKORO COFFEE.

We are shipping all over India! There may be slight delays in delivery due to COVID19. Stay home, stay safe, and shop online on Kokoro Coffee. Happy Brewing!