About Kokoro

The Coffee Story

About Kokoro

KOKORO as the name sounds, is a Japanese word, one of the most beautiful words we know, but the meaning is undoubtedly more beautiful. In Japanese, there are three words for “heart”: Shinzo, which refers to the physical organ, ha-to, which is the anglicized word for a love heart, and KOKORO, which means…well, that’s more difficult to explain.

Kokoro is well understood in Japanese, but difficult to explain in English, as conceptually, it unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit: It sees these three elements as being indivisible from one other. “For example, if we say, ‘She has a good Kokoro,’ it means heart and spirit and soul and mind altogether.”

We wish to unite our heart, mind, spirit, and all of it for the love of coffee – KOKORO Coffee.


We do everything that we do for the love of coffee. One thing that brings together what our name ‘Kokoro’ refers to (heart, spirit, soul, and mind) is a good story. Coffee connects people and fosters relationships. Where there are people, there are bound to be some incredible stories, and we’re here to uncover them.

Art of Coffee Making

There is a strong coffee market arising around us today. Amidst which we feel that there is still a myriad musical taste of coffee that is yet to be explored to the fullest. With Kokoro Coffee, we are working towards that refined art of coffee making – from farm to cup – and sharing this wonderful art with the world.

From Farm to Cup

Kokoro Coffee offers the best tools & techniques for all the coffee enthusiasts – novice as well as veterans. We satisfy your caffeine-junkie taste buds with the best coffee beans, curated & roasted with the utmost delicacy from the best coffee roasters of India.

KOKORO always delivers the best coffee beans one can ever have. "TAMASHI" coffee, justifying its meaning, is absolutely delightful for your SOUL! Each and every sip of TAMASHI coffee from KOKORO can make your soul happier and I can vouch for the incredible taste. If you are a true coffee lover, its a must try. Thank you KOKORO for always getting me fresh coffee and that too always on time! Smart and stylish packaging and fantastic service!

Jignesh Dhola - Co-Founder of Zivar Diamond Jwellery

What I love about Kokoro, not only is your coffee outstanding but your customer service is the BEST! I have thoroughly enjoyed your SHINZO coffee beans, they brew perfectly in my V60 I got from you.

Liliya Khamzina - Founder of Little Hot Kitchen

The best thing for me, after I purchased Mizudashi Pot for Cold Brew from Kokoro, I didn't know you will also guide me to make the best cup of coffee everytime. And I also love the full-bodied, low-acidity type of coffee that you have. So glad to have discovered Kokoro!

Pooja Chaurushi - Triathlon Head Coach & Founder of PC Tri Sports Academy