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The Indian Coffee Artisans

Our Indian coffee farmers partners are given the title – specialty coffee growers, which gives credit to the fact that they are specialty coffee production experts. They are the ones who are passionate about specialty coffee and who will go the extra mile for quality, to create your favorite caffeine boost. They are the ones who make the coffee awesome and amazing.

Specialty coffee growers are the heart of what makes a great cup of coffee. Their skills, expertise, and craftsmanship are what differentiates mediocre coffee from coffee that is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

At Kokoro Coffee, we appreciate our coffee growers who work hard year-round to make sure we enjoy some of the world’s finest specialty coffee.


Top Picks of Kokoro

Our Second Home

Kokoro Coffee Studio

Kokoro Coffee has its home in Kokoro Coffee Studio – a place where specially curated coffee beans are tried out using various coffee brewing techniques before it reaches your homes. This coffee lounge set-up was created to enjoy the amazing Indian coffee with the company of friends & some good books to learn more about coffee. From here the story of Kokoro Coffee began and transformed into what it is today.

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