Tamashi 3.0


Tamashi, in the land of the origin on Zen – Japan, means “Soul” ~ Take time each day to find a moment of peace in all the chaos & just breathe.

Tasting Notes: Chikku | Dried Berries | Toffee
Roast Level: Medium
Process: Lot No. 8 – Yellow Honey Sun Dried
Estate/Location: Kalledevarapura Estate
Elevation: 4200 Ft ASL
Plant Varietal: SLN 9

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

Whole Beans Only.



‘Soul – Soothing’ Coffee is the main characteristic that has been consistent with the coffees under Tamashi that we have produced and shared so far. Very mindful of that and with great pleasure we announce the latest edition of Tamashi, Tamashi 3.0.

Tamashi 1.0 and Tamashi 2.0 both were red honey sun dried coffees, whereas Tamashi 3.0 is a yellow honey. Also this is the first time that our coffee curator and roaster Bean Rove  has experimented with SLN 9 for Tamashi. Tamashi 1.0 was from Balur, but this time with Tamashi 3.0 from Kalledevarapura Estate, the idea was to deliver a coffee that was Simple, clean and sweet. That is exactly what Tamashi 3.0 is a coffee roasted to a medium, showcases notes of milk chocolate, toffee, dried berries and chikku, but more importantly a versatile coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


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