Sensei Lot No. 22


Sensei, in the land of the origin on Zen – Japan, means “Teacher” ~ Someone who, no matter the situation, show others path & hope, is a true teacher.

Tasting Notes: Sweet Cedar | Black Currant | Tropical
Roast Level: Light to Medium
Process: Natural Maceration
Estate/Location: Kalledevarapura Estate
Elevation: 4200 Ft ASL
Plant Varietal: Chandragiri

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

Whole Beans Only.



The Sensei series at Kokoro in collaboration with Beanrove is about showcasing the Best and the most experimental coffees in our network. Honestly this time with Sensei Lot No. 22 we seem to have hit a home run, we believe it’s one of our best work so far.

With Sensei Lot no 22 we brought to you coffees that were harvested at high Brix Reading, and fermented in a vat with the incorporation of yeast in the process, giving a taste note of molasses in the cup. With Sensei Lot No. 22 we got you the experimented, 72 hours fermented coffees, that gave the beautiful flavours of plum cake and berry like port wine finish, basically Christmas in a cup.

Now with Sensei Lot no 22 , we started with selectively picked “late harvested cherries” of Chandragiri from our Kalledevarapura Estate, which then went through various fermentation conditions, in some specially created rooms for an extended period. This resulted in the coffees to have a taste range from Sweet Cedar, apple cider to some sweet tropical fruits. Roasted light to medium, this coffee gives taste notes similar to jackfruit and mango with a black currant & jaggery hints. Sensei Lot No. 22 will surprise with changes in the temperature, this coffee shares a different side to it.


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