Rei Lot No. 26


Rei, in the land of the origin of Zen – Japan, means “Gratitude” 

Tasting Notes: Black Grapes | Sparkling Orange | Jasmine
Roast Level: Filter
Process: Natural Maceration
Estate/Location: Kalledevarapura Estate (India)
Elevation: 4200 FT ASL
Plant Varietal: SLN – 13

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

Whole Beans Only.



For this coffee, SLN 13 coffees were initially fermented in custom-made fermentation vats along with a specific strain of yeast and then dried on raised beds. To make things more complex, the fruit mosto juice collected from the fermentation was added to the coffees on the raised beds. Then the coffees were shade-dried over a period of twenty days before being packed for resting. Roasted to a medium or a filter roast, the coffee showcases a bright floral and grapefruit aroma on the ground. The first sip of the coffee yields a sweet black grapefruit tinge, which then turns into a ripened orange with sparkling wine.


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