Kaishi Lot No. 2


Kaishi, in the land of the origin of Zen – Japan, means “To Begin” 

Tasting Notes: Guava | Litchi | Sweet Raisins
Roast Level: Filter
Process: 82 Hours Yeast Anaerobic Fermentation
Estate/Location: Ratnagiri Estate (India)
Elevation: 4450 FT ASL
Plant Varietal: Catuai

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

Whole Beans Only.



Our coffee collecting for any year is never complete without the famed Ratnagiri coffees. Every year, Mr. Ashok Patre has been kind enough to allow us access to a small micro lot from his estate, which is special to him. For this year’s Ratnagiri Coffee, we would like to present- LOT no 2- An yeast Anaerobic Fermented naturals from their – “ Bettemara Block” in Ratnagiri Estate. For this lot, the ripe coffee cherries were placed in a stainless-steel fermentation VAT and fermented with a specific strain of yeast for a period of 82 hours. Roasted to a medium, the coffee has an intense floral aroma to start with. The first sip leaves your palette with a lingering taste of ripe guava and litchi. As the coffee cools down in the cup, the sweetness and body increase and leaves a beautiful after taste of sweet raisins.


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