Hario V60 Drip In Coffee Dripper


V60 Drip In Coffee Dripper delivers incredibly clear flavors and aromas, allowing coffee lovers to enjoy even the subtlest notes in their coffee. For this reason, the V60 is one of specialty coffee’s favorite brewing methods. Within 3 minutes, you can brew an incredibly tasty coffee. The V60 Coffee Dripper is made by Hario. The name stems from the shape of the device. It is “V” shaped with angles of 60 degrees. The internal sides also have interior ridges that help with airflow during the brewing method. Filter paper is inserted into the V shape and coffee grounds placed within the filter paper. The brewed coffee then drips into your cup, delivering a great coffee. For anyone who enjoys brewing coffee at home, they are certainly worth the investment.

The manual brewing method allows you to choose your ideal brew time and temperature. Controls the flow, timing, and temperature of the water.

Pot capacity: 700 ml

Made in Japan



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