Esko-Bar 1.0


Esko-Bar, in the land of the origin of Finland, means “Helmet of the Gods” or “Protected by Gods”.

Tasting Notes: Mango | Jackfruit | Rum
Roast Level: Filter
Process: Naturals
Estate/Location: Kalledevarapura Estate
Elevation: 4200 Ft ASL
Plant Varietal: Naturally Farmed SLN-795

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

Whole Beans Only.



Showcasing our tribute to Mr. D.M. Shankar- the man behind all our coffees from Kalledevarapura Estate, India – by proudly presenting “THE ESCO- BAR-1.0”.  Ours most uniquely farmed coffee from a hand-picked naturally farmed 5-acre coffee block in Kalledevarapura Estate.  The exclusive 5-acres block under the personal supervision of Mr. D. M. Shankar was converted into a naturally farmed block, using the principles of the Sri Natural farming program, five years back.

Under this program, the agrarian practice relies heavily on our ancient cultivation practice to farm the land. Considered an agroecology-based diversified farming system, natural farming provides a technique by synergizing the crop, environment, livestock, and humans with functional bio-diversity. Being environment-friendly and sustainable, these techniques provide long-term sustainability, reduced cost of operation, and more efficient productivity. The natural farming technique re-introduces us to an agricultural revolution beyond the realms of organic farming and focuses on improving the overall agricultural ecosystem.

The implementation of these practices in the exclusive 5-acre block in Kalledevarapura estate has yielded in producing coffees that are unique from the rest of the plantation. For this coffee, we choose to use the late harvest SLN 795 Coffee berries. Our observation during harvest was that the coffees had a higher BRIX content than the rest of the farm and was giving us a minimum reading of 26. Focusing on showcasing the natural flavors of this coffee, we choose to just slow dry the coffee berries on raised beds without any further fermentation or processing, after sorting out all the defects. Roasted to a light to medium- this coffee oozes tropical fruit note flavor’s with a strong hit of Jackfruit to begin with, which then turns into a hint of reserve Rum and leaves the palate with a taste note of Mangoes.  Hence, we crowned this jewel of coffee ESKO-BAR. Our dedication and our tribute to the farmer and the farming concept.


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