El-Paraiso Geisha

“EL-PARAISO GEISHA” – Our New Internationally Sourced New-Age Coffee. 

EL-PARAISO GEISHA from the Cauca region of Columbia at the altitude of 1920 M.A.S.L, produced by none other than Diego Samuel Bermudez, these Geshas were processed as Cherry Anaerobically with the signature Thermal Shock by Bermudez. Thermal Shock refers to a process where different temperatures of water are introduced at various intervals, which gives the thermal shock, and it’s said to preserve more flavors inside the fruit, eventually making the coffee taste crazy-awesome. Taste notes include – Orange Blossom, Cantaloupe, Dried Berries, and Port Wine.

Each pack contains 200 gms of coffee.

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These fantastic green coffees were sourced by Cypher Roastery and roasted by Beanrove.


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