Coffee Education

Coffee Education

Coffee is the daily driving force of KOKORO. It is an absolute passion. We, at KOKORO COFFEE, hope to share this passion with you.

Specialty Coffee Academy of India

The collaboration of Kokoro Coffee and Specialty Coffee Academy of India (SCAI) has brought a new wave for coffee education in the western region of India – at Surat, Gujarat.

SCAI is India’s first Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) authorized trainer, which is based out of Bangalore, India.

Courses Offered

At Kokoro Coffee, some of the specialty training we do includes:
– Barista training
– Coffee brewing techniques.
– Espresso pressure profile training.
– Café Management.

Our Mission

Kokoro Coffee, together with SCAI is brewing courses related to coffee for all coffee aficionados. Kokoro Coffee wants to incessantly help Indians progress in the coffee industry.